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Vesica Piscis - Cats Ask For Us By Name (File, MP3)

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  1. The vesica piscis also has Judeo-Christian references: it resembles a fish with the tail horizontally opposed. One “fish” to exhibit this is a mammal, the dolphin. This is exactly what Christ was referred to if you go back beyond the Greek word ichthys. Early Coptic monasteries sometimes show the air-breathing fish with 13 scales.
  2. The vesica piscis is a type of lens, a mathematical shape formed by the intersection of two disks with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each disk lies on the perimeter of the other. In Latin, "vesica piscis" literally means "bladder of a fish", reflecting the shape's resemblance to the conjoined dual air bladders ("swim bladder") found in most fish.
  3. Sep 28,  · The Vesica Piscis is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times. It is, for example, considered to be an integral part of the Ark of the Covenant, as described and shown figuratively by ka-gold's version of the Vesica Piscis.
  4. The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other. The name literally means the "bladder of a fish" in Latin. The shape is also called mandorla ("almond" in Italian).
  5. Vesica Piscis Evolucionaria, a line whose aim is to divulge to the authors of greater international projection and depth in the definition of the new paradigm from the organization in the companies to the evolution of the people. The name of the publisher, "Vesica Piscis", comes from sacred geometry.
  6. Jan 03,  · The Vesica Piscis is not alone here – all the symbols used by modern “authorities” have their origins in ancient cultures dating back thousands of years. Each of the cultures that used or use the Vesica Piscis as a symbol attribute a particular meaning, all of which are true – as they all mean the same thing once you dig under the roots.
  7. The Vesica Pisces is composed of two spheres with the same radius, which intersect within each other’s circumference. The name of this symbol, when translated literally from Latin, means ‘bladder of a fish.’ This symbol figures prominently Pythagorean history and is considered a holy figure because the ratio of its width to its height was.
  8. Oct 14,  · It is most commonly known in sacred geometry as the Vesica Pisces. I would loosely translate it as the vessel of the fish, or fish-shaped vessel, although in Latin it means “bladder of the fish”. After studying the meaning and math of this form, I have commonly referred to it as the “Birth Portal” to describe it’s purpose and energy.

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